The Freeze Project is a site devoted to raising awareness on the very serious issue of slavery. The site has organized a series of events to make people aware that this phenomena is still happening in many parts of the world, including America. In our fast paced society, we sometimes lose perspective of the global problems that affect us every day. We sometimes think that slavery is just a bad memory of the past and that it can now only be seen in movies and stuff like that. However, slavery is still so much so alive. As a matter of fact, human trafficking is considered as a very lucrative industry that represents one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the world. Along with the illegal arms trade, human trafficking is the second biggest illegal activity in the planet, being surpassed by the drug trade only. For us it has come as a shock to find out that revenues from this criminal activity has been estimated at $5 to $9 billion a year. Sadly, according to the United Nations, 2.5 million people from 127 different countries are trafficked around the globe.

This site has given a great deal of importance to stand up for the rights of those who due to slavery and human trafficking do not have any. We, as part of society have the right and the responsibility to do something about what is wrong in it. Being passive is just as bad as being part of the problem. However, our approach is fully positive and we do not intend to create any kind of controversy, but rather create fun activities and rallies that would bring more people to our movement. The inspiration of the site in terms of the “Freeze” project come from a group located in New York called Improv Everywhere who are the one who first thought about the idea of having fun through nice pranks that will not humiliate anybody nor embarrass them. Their first intention was to make people laugh and make them aware of the world around them. The site decided to give this very good idea a little twist. Since we are oriented towards creating social awareness on the different social injustices that have been going on for many years, we thought that it would be nice if we could use this creative methodology in order to touch people's hearts in order to make them aware of the reality around them.

The idea behind this concept is to gather as many people as possible in a single location for a greater impact in terms of creating awareness on different social injustices such as slavery. The site does not believe in protesting, aggressive or intrusive activism, but rather fun activities. The Freeze project basically is a group of people who gather at a public place, each one of them mingles into the crowd, once a cue is given all of them would stop doing whatever it is they were doing and go into a “frozen” state for around 5 minutes, once the cue to go back to normal is given, people who froze take advantage of the attention that they have attracted in order to start handing out printed material with basic information about the social issue being addressed.

In order to find out more about the upcoming events, you can contact us and express your interest to become part of our efforts.

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